Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some people should be shot in the balls.

So this evening I was chatting with my younger brother.

Most of our conversation consisted of discussing how President Bush sucks huge monkey balls.

So, in my away message, I stated the obvious. "President Bush sucks huge monkey balls. Yep. And he LIKES it. For serious, yep"

And this boy, who I was friends with in high school, haven't talked to in about a year and a half, and attends Annapolis decides to IM me and preach all high and mighty like he knows everything, and wants to display how ignorant I am.

622: It's funny your quote, not mad of course cause you've got your head up your ass. You see, you and most of your liberal college profs/buddies, don't see reality and what it is. The sad thing is you don't take the time to see the other side and what its worth. You see, you've never seen the President, never met him, and do not know what he is like. For that matter you don't realize the sacrifice that he as well as all of us who follow our commander in chief make. You may feel like you can insult our commander in chief, which of course you have the right to do, but don't forget that by insulting him in that derogatory way, you're making a dumbass of yourself.

622: Right now people are fighting, and dying to protect you and your family, and your friends. I think the President put the Iraq war this way today after i met him, if it wasn't there, it'd be here. Don't think you'd want another Sept 11 now would you? That would sort of be treasonous. If President Bush is preventing another terrorist attack, which next time by the way will most likely be Nuclear, i'd say he's doing quite the job when the terrorists do want to kill you, your family, and your friends. Oh by the way, if it was nuclear, lets say in Boston, that'd mean no more boston ever, including my beloved Sox.

622: So in reality, our President is supporting the troops over in Iraq who are putting their lives on the line to, "stay the course" who are bent on the destruction of our great nation. Now obviously this probably meant nothing to you, you've rolled your eyes, laughed, and called me an idiot in the military. I don't expect you'd get it. Only after another Sept 11 will you all get it again. By that point though, it will be far too late. Oh by the way i sincerely doubt our President blows "huge monkey balls." And i think our President is more focused on keeping us safe then performing oral on a primate. Thanks though amber, you have a nice night. Think of our boys in Iraq preventing you and your family from dying, sure you'll sleep better. Oh and last thing, if you think that pisses me off, it doesn't, i have to laugh because someday you'll see how wrong you really are.

Some people should be shot in the balls as to prevent the procreation of more morons. There is SO much to respond to, but I think he's a lost cause.


Blogger LilGrl said...

These are the entries that are the best entry, most powerful, or most real.

All of them I can sense a part of your personality. There's a lot of hints about your personality - a hint of sarcasm in some, a hint of frustation, and hint of your anxiety.

You have a mixture of voices. I think you have more of a trustworthy/conversational voice.

1:15 PM  

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