Saturday, November 12, 2005

Only in Keene.

Only in Keene can a house party be crashed by 50 year old townies.

Only in Keene can cops be more concerned about underage drinking than a drive by shooting.

Only in Keene can you NOT find a road where a car goes over 25mph.

Only in Keene can you walk by a bar and have the bouncer yell to you, tell you to stop, and come into the bar. Because it "doesn't matter if you're under age, it looks like you can start a party."

Only in Keene can you party at the bar with your cheerleading coach...

Only in Keene can you walk down the streets at 2:30am screaming the lyrics to 'skinnamarinky dinky dink' and have drunk townies parade behind you, singing along.

Only in Keene can you walk into a rediculous party, and see some chick sitting alone on the couch leafing through a playboy.

Only in Keene can you hear someone say they did coke because "well, there was nothing else to do."

Only in Keene can it start to sprinkle, and make everybody run to move their cars. "Just in case".

Oh Keene.

Feel free to add more. I'm sure there's plenty of things that happen nowhere else but Keene, NH, USA.



Blogger Lorianne said...

I'm not sure if Keene is the *only* place where these things could happen...but I laughed at your on-target remarks about 50-year-old townies!

3:54 PM  

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