Monday, October 03, 2005

What a flippin' weekend of drama.

This weekend was retarded. All of it. Yep.

It's hard to explain without using names, but let's just explain this

There's a group of guys my roommate and I always hang out with. Six of them live in a house together, one of the six is my boyfriend. Then there's three other boys who basically live there, but actually live on campus together. There's been sorta a split between the on and off campus boys latley, because one of the off campus boys was seeing a mutual friend of all of ours, and recently stopped dating. Okay, now.

Friday was going great- double kegger at the boy's, as per usual. But it was kinda sketch from the beginning cause there was this one group of kids who was sorta sketchy, and no one knew them.

Well, one kid with this STUPID mohawk started smoking, so one of our boys (we'll call him J)told him if he wanted to smoke, he needed to go outside. The kid didn't like it much, so his friend throws J to the ground and starts punching him. The other guys obviously jump in, and everyone's gettin the crap beat out of em. The cops show up, break up the party, and the guys leave. So basically it's just the crew and we're having a great time until mohawk comes back. With a pool stick.

He's flipping out saying he wants to kill our boys and whatnot. So my roommate and another one of my friends jump in front of him. One of the boys calls the cops, they pull up (at the same time as domino's, might I add) and they taser the kid, then arrest him.

Yep. Pretty sweet.

Saturday wasn't much better. We basically started drinking around 3. R was sorta hanging out with this chick E all night (who is this little blonde freshman chick who has no idea about anything. and well, basically annoys the crap outta me). So, when we were leaving the house to head to another house party and K showed up (one of our friends he used to "see" or whatever)- it was bad news. I tried to get her to just come with us and not go try to find R, as well.. he was in his room with E. She didn't listen, so I was like eff this- and My boyfriend, my roommate, me, and some other boy all went to Elliot. It was lame, but I got to see a bunch of people I knew so that was fun for about 20min.

We get back to the house, go upstairs... and infront of R's door is a TON of shit. Chairs, trash, and a bunch of other random stuff. Apparently, K and S (one of the crew) had put it there, tried to unlock R's door, kept banging on it- basically acting like 12 year olds.

I go downstairs, call K twice, and get no answer. Then S, one of the on campus boys, called me. and I was like "S, just let me ask you one question. How fucking old are we." and he goes "I'm gunna be 22 why?" and I was like "well how about we start acting our goddamned age and not trash someone's living room" and he started laughing, so I was like "I'm glad it's funny S, maybe next time we'll trash your living room and see where it gets us, seriously" and he goes "wow amber, take your own goddamned advice and talk to me when you're sober" I was flippin PISSED cause of friday and last night, and PLUS I WAS sober.

So I go upstairs and find my boyfriend SCREAMING into the phone, apparently at one of the boys (but he thought it was S) and two seconds later S flies through the door and is like "Fine Amber I'll fucking pick it up so you can stop your bitching"

At that point I went right down stairs and was a total wreck. But, turns out the boyfriend brought up how S is with me, and how he's always in my face and basically all over me, and S says "its not my fault your girl comes to me." like I flirt with him or something. S ended up pushing one of the other on campus boys over the coffee table, and trying to throw punches at my boyfriend.

I was downstairs crying, and this fucking E girl comes in when two of my girls are talking to me, and she tries to be my best friend. Rubbing my back and being like, "oh it's okay Amber" and THEN she goes "I know I'm not part of your group yet, but.." YET? Girl, get over it. You're being used and you will NEVER be a part of our 'group' so all I could do was turn my head to my roommate and try not to laugh. E thought I was just crying still and hugs me. Oh man, that was the high point of the night. Lame.

SO. Next morning, we wake up, one of the guys comes home and is filled in about everything (he was at some chicks house the night before) and My boyfriend is talking to him. I couldn't hear what was going on, so I just got ready to head out when he says, "hang on I've gotta talk to you."

He pulls me into his room and goes "I need to tell you something before you hear it from K..." (awesome way to start a conversation)

"Apparently, at the bar last night, (this girl's friend), was saying how (this girl) is telling everyone that me and her make out all the time."

Now, this girl is a fucking crazy chick. She's been obsessed with my boyfriend forever, and now she's starting more rumors. I KNOW it's all bullshit, because the boy and I have been together non-stop basically, plus she's ugly. And, I know she's already crazy. That might be bitchy, but it's the truth. The girl has nothing better to do with her time, and I guess it's kinda sad. I can't wait to see her on campus and just tell her to her face to stop being so pathetic. I'm not one to cause a scene about stupid shit, but this one is just ASKING for it.

Holy crap I am so tried from writing that out it's rediculous.



Blogger Frannie Parker said...

OH MY GOD! This is like watching Laguna Beach. I can't wait for next week's episode!

9:43 AM  
Blogger Soccer playin Gabe said...

drama sucks.....

12:29 PM  

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