Saturday, September 24, 2005


So I spent most of my week last week creating a toga for Friday night's party. My boys always throw on Friday's, but they decided a theme was in order for this week, and seirously- what's better than togas?

Now I don't think people really understand. I guess it's a girl thing, but my roommate and I literally created togas that were fit for a prom. We got way into it, some would say a little more than necessary, but those are the people that don't get it.

But Friday, not only did we have to put ourselves together, but we had to dress all 6 boys too. Plus I had to figure out togas for two of the girls, who were just totally lost.

I figure, if the English degree doesn't work out, I could always be a professional toga maker. Or something.

The party was a blast, as always. But basically no one showed up 'cause it was said that you MUST wear a toga to get in. I wish more people came, cause honestly- who turns down a toga party? But, there were about 15 of us and we always entertain ourselves pretty well.

Plus, there's an entire Keg left over. Gonna be a good rest of the weekend.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Modern Technology

Dear old people with cell phones,

Do not use them. First of all, it's MODERN TECHNOLOGY. There is no need to scream incessantly into the reciever. Mostly because I don't want to hear this "great story" about what your cat did today. But unless the person on the other end is just as old as you are, I'm pretty sure they don't need their eardrums blown out by the chalk board screeching that is your voice.

Second, YES, that ringing you hear? It IS the device in your purse. Why it takes you 10 min to figure out it is YOUR phone that is ringing (by which time you have probably stared at it for a good 3 minutes trying to figure out who is calling you) the person on the other end has hung up, and yet you proceed to answer it and scream "HELLO?!" repeatedly into the receiver.

In closing, I ask that you leave the modern technology to the young whipper snappers, and stick to your rotary phones in the privacy of your own home, where your cat is the only one who suffers.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Proposal. Awesome.

Exercise. Everyone needs it and should participate in it, because it’s healthy. Right? But there’s always a belief that a person can have “too much of a good thing”.

Often this saying is associated with chocolate, or junk food, or drinking, or other more obvious choices that could harm our bodies. However, what many don’t realize is that even something that is considered healthy can turn into a vice, and evolve into an addiction.

How much exercise is too much? How do you know when someone is addicted, and who is at risk? When does exercise qualify as an addiction, and why? Putting too much strain on our bodies is an obvious answer. But in conjunction with other outside sources, exercise can prove to be deadly.

In many cases exercise is associated with stress, with the influence of media, and even shown in conjunction with anorexia. In people our age, body image is still a relevant topic, and it is easy to take advantage of the facilities placed in the middle of our campus- the treadmill, the weights, the elliptical and aerobics classes- they’re there to help us maintain a healthy body, but when does exercise start to become used as a drug?

Every day a person can walk into Spaulding gym and see a young woman who in our minds doesn’t need to exercise at all. She’s probably about 120lbs at most, and running as if Michael Myers is chasing after her. What is going on in her mind that makes her believe she needs to be at the gym 7 days a week? Men are at a high risk as well. Lifting everyday is an obvious answer on how to get six pack abs, or bulging biceps. But why do people feel the need to look a certain way? Psychological standpoints on exercise addiction need to be addressed. It is more than a simple issue of trying to stay healthy.

Fully understanding a problem is the first step to finding a solution. However, exercise addiction has not made its way to the forefront of society’s problems with drug and alcohol addiction. Until it is viewed as a true disorder by addicts as well as doctors, a solution may never be found.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Oh drama.

So I'm in this class. A seminar on Tolstoy, who's this totally lame Russian author. Well, I thought he was totally lame, mostly because I was told I had to read 300 of his pages in about two days. So here I am, dragging my eyes across this page, trying to comprehend ANYTHING (which, in a text that is translated from Russian to English, is not the easiest thing to do) when I came across this paragraph:

"Because it can never be true, what sort of revelation is that, that a man is in love? A man seems to think that whenever he says the word 'love', something magical will go- pop!- that some miracle will be worked, signs and wonders, with all the big guns firing at once! In my opinion' he went on, 'whoever solemnly brings out the words "I love you" is either deceiving himself, or which is even worse, decieving others"

Tolstoy turned out to be a pretty smart guy. As human beings, people with feelings, thoughts, emotions- we are always looking for the next item, or occurrence, or person that will bring us some sort of fulfillment. Often times we mistake these things with a feeling of need, or even love, when in truth they are just fleeting moments of happiness there to hold us over until the next time something tempting passes by.

I guess that's kind of emo. But that day it totally hit me, and things made sense for a few hours.

Wow, I just started to realize how depressing I sound in this thing. I'm really not a depressed person, for serious. I have a blast with life- I'm not even sure I'm allowed to have as much fun as I do, but for whatever reason, drama hunts me down. And I flippin hate drama.

Maybe someday I'll fill the world in on the soap opera that is my life.

But probably not.

Another sweet blog post.


PS. The Patriots make my life. So do the Red Sox, especially when they beat the Yankees.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My top three choices are...

I love when people have just a blunt sense of humor. Stating the obvious cracks me up. Plus, I loved the Schoolhouse Rock theme.

Probably the greatest thing ever. There's so much shitty stuff on the net, it was fun to see someone who dedicates their blog to making other people's day.

I loved the photographs. And basically, I'm obsessed with pictures. Granted, most of mine are pictures of me and my friends in drunken stupors- but this guys' pictures are way prettier.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Excuse the language.

I don't ask much of people

Mostly I ask not to be bullshitted. Tell me straight up, to my face, the truth. I don't care what it is. I don't care if you tell me you hate my outfit, or I need to shower, or even that I'm a bitch. I don't care, just don't bullshit me.

It's basically all I asked from the beginning. Some people just don't listen. Pretty sweet.

I guess I got myself into the mess, but now I finally know enough to get myself out of it.

And seriously, it was such a good night, until I found out how some people really spent it.

What a waste of time


Thursday, September 01, 2005

So about this "class" thing...

So let's pretend it's the end of May... last May. Everyone's pumped for summer, ready to be done with classes, get the hell outta Keene, and head home.

Fastforward two weeks- and if you're like me, I'm ready to be back at school. So, you suffer through the entire summer- working summer jobs, hoping to get a chance to go to the beach (which, in my life doesn't happen too often), spending way too much money, and thinking about how much fun it will be to get back to school.

However, what DOESN'T cross my mind, is that I have five classes to deal with- three English classes, a science, and a psych. For serious now. This is totally not what i came back to school for. I came back to party, to hang out with friends, and cause a ruckus or two. Who said anything about education? They totally cramp my style, mostly because I am a massive nerd and actually do my work. Most of the time.

Well okay, all of the time. I blame it on my private school education- and actually, college is way easier than anything I ever did in high school. So instead of blowing off my work, I have this insaciable need to actually finish my work, and do it well. So I spend my entire week not only doing what's due next in each class, but actually GETTING AHEAD and doing work for the early part of the next week. Wow, I am pretty much a huge tool.

Well, all I know is, that my weekends mean a lot more to me now that I'm back at Keene than ever, so I guess that's why I get ahead. So I can do absolutley NOTHING for a whole three days. Or that's my excuse anyway.

And I want to give props to the person who decided to give us a long weekend the first weekend back- so, HUGE shoutout to that guy.

Yeah. Sweet blog post.


Hey Hey.

Holler back online world.

I haven't fully decided on what exactly I'm going to write in here- an update on my mundane life, my crazy drunken weekend episodes, random thoughts. Some posts may be interesting, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I mean, hey kids, don't get too dissapointed, I'll do what I can to seem somewhat entertaining... but I wouldn't expect much.